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The Goodenow Family Association, Inc. is a group of families descended from five Goodenows who immigrated from England in 1638 on the ship Confidence and settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The name is spelled various ways including Goodenough, Goodnough, Goodno, and Goodnow among others.

The Association, formed in 1988, publishes a quarterly newsletter, Goodenows' Ghosts, which shares news, history and lineage information about Goodenows worldwide. Back issues are available for purchase. GFA's hardcover book, Goodenows who Originated in Sudbury, Massachusetts 1638 A.D., by Theodore James Fleming Banvard (1994) was awarded second place in the 1995 Anna Ford Book Contest by the Heart of America Genealogical Society and Library, Inc.

The first 4 generations of Goodenows descended from the immigrants to Sudbury are presented on this site. The Goodenow database, containing more than 48,000 names, may be queried by e-mailing the database manager.

What's New?

Goodenow Family at 2014 reunion


Reunions are held every other year at various places associated with the Goodenows.

The 2016 biennial reunion was held in Flagstaff, Arizona. See the August 2016 issue of Goodenow's Ghosts for a recap or visit our Facebook page.

Goodenow Family Tours

Goodenows holding Reunion sign

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